The Wild Magic Team

We aim to create projects that are unique and a little zany.  Our focus is enhancing the total essence of the gameplay. We believe that gaming aids should be straightforward to learn, as well as easy to setup and put away.

Games are a way to connect with others, while also stretching your mind. They make you think about tactics and strategy in order to overcome challenges. Roleplaying games allow a person to test experiences out in safe, thought-provoking ways. We want to create memorable moments in your life, with our projects.

Hello! We are Bryan and Kate – a couple who really really enjoy working together, and crafting projects. 

We have two precocious kids who are homeschooled, and gameschooled. Kate is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, and Bryan does  surgery at a hospital.  Our lives are chaotic and busy, but we love every minute of it. Settled outside of Frederick Maryland, we have a homestead with 32 ducks and 2 dogs (plus a bunch of fish in a tank that don’t really count). Why Ducks? They are hilarious, offbeat, and lay tons of delicious eggs.

Playing a game is an opportunity to transport you away for a while. For us, it is more satisfying than any video game or movie. 

Together, we have a few successful Kickstarters under our belt. We use crowdfunding to help bring our creative ideas to life.