Everybody has basic needs – food, water, shelter etc.

DnD Characters also have basic needs. Many campaigns tend to minimize the food/water/shelter part of basic needs while playing. That depends on the campaign, and is fine.

However, DnD characters have a basic need that cannot be ignored – Resting. Many of the mechanics that keep the game balanced rely upon adventurers taking either Short (1 hour) or Long(8 hour) rests. You cannot ignore these!

More importantly – you should not interrupt them! Sometimes DM’s want an event to trigger while they are resting and surprise them! That isn’t a fair tactic if they don’t get the effects of a rest – you are breaking the mechanics unfairly to beat up your players. Shame on you. 

Instead, set the scene and create tension during that rest. The player’s can certainly be nervous and anxious about what is coming. A lot can happen around them, but it is imperative that they get the effects of rest. 

Players are allowed to take as many short rests as they want, and 1 long rest per 24 hour day. They can work for an hour, rest for an hour if they want. Up to them. Unless they are abusing the rests, let them have a rest. 

PS – If they choose a really silly time to take a rest – like ‘Oh, the Harpie just came after them’, That can be interrupted – cause, duh.