There is only one (1) Bonus action that anybody can take at any time – dual wielding weapons. All other bonus actions are class/race/spell/item specific.

However anybody can dual wield two light weapons. Grab one weapon and get attacking!

One weapon is allowed to include your proficiency and STR/DEX the other weapon is just your proficiency. (Yes, you are still proficient with the dagger in your Left hand if you are proficient with the dagger in your Right hand).

If the weapon has the thrown property (daggers, hand axes, etc) then they can be thrown with either hand.

Super secret tactic – find a magical light weapon and make sure to use that more powerful weapon with the attack action: the one that utilizes your ability modifier ((DEX/STR)). Also, your characters don’t have to specify which hand is dominant – it can actually change each turn which weapon is the Attack action (dominant) and which is the Bonus Action(non-dominant) – Just make sure to call it ahead of the rolls. Not cool to call it after the rolls.