There are a handful of ways that an adventurer can become petrified in DnD. There are some creatures like the classic Basilisk, frightening Medusa, and the charging Gorgon or even the underrated Cockatrice which turn a character to stone. There is also the flesh to stone spell, as well as some other odds and end ways to be turned to stone.

The funny thing is that if somebody turns to stone, they aren’t dead. Oh no, instead they live for millennia as a statue. Pretty terrible fate. Any damage or wear and tear to that creature, lasts and cannot be healed – even if they turn back to flesh. Imagine the true consequences for being a long term statue. Ugh. The best option is to avoid avoid avoid!

DM Thought- PHB says they are not aware of their surroundings, however they might still be aware of the passage of time – your call.

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