Difficult terrain (mud, swamp, powdery snow, entangle spell, etc…) can be a pain to an adventurer. It halves your movement speed and reduces what you can do on your turn. … or does it? If you jump instead of running or walking, your movement speed isn’t halved at all.

Jumping you say? Why yes.

Jumping might look funny if your character is jumping here there and everywhere, but difficult terrain doesn’t apply to it. Your long jump distance (without a 10’ run up) is half of your strength score (not the modifier, the score).

So, if your strength score is 12, then your jump distance is 6’. Well, as soon as you land, you can jump again – another 6’ . Keep jumping until you are free of the difficult terrain and… voila!

Pro tip — don’t do this jumping trick on ice, oil, or anything slippery.

Pro Pro tip – keep in mind that any creature can do this trick – even the monsters or creatures. So casting entangle on them might not be as effective once the monsters (ahem, your DM) remembers this trick.