Jumping is an important part of DnD.  However it seems that most people forget about using the jump option.

Well, there are many creative things that a creature or character can do jumping. Jump attack, jump on a crate, jump to swing on a chandelier, jump on another creature’s back, jump off an awning, jump to reach a tree branch, jump into a pond, jump down the stairs…

One thing to keep in mind is that any jump is more effective with a 10’ run-up. That is 10’ in a straight line before jumping – it doubles your jump distance!

Long jump (with 10’ run-up) = Strength score in feet.

High jump (with 10’ run-up) is 3 + STR modifier.

If you are grasping something with your high jump then it is your Height + 3+ STR modifier.

So now you can Jump! Jump around!

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