Hero’s Feast is a 6th level conjuration spell for Clerics and Druids. 

It can be a great thematic addition as you you get to describe the magnificent food and drink, – as well as being very useful. A creature that consumes the feast gets the following benefits that last 24 hours:

  • Cured of all disease and poison
  • Immune to poison and being frightened
  • WIS saves have ADVantage
  • Hit Point max is raised by 2d10

DM thought – If there is a battle coming up that you want your players to survive and succeed in, but aren’t sure they will – give them a little help with a Hero’s feast ahead of time. 

You can even take your magical DM wand and alter the spell to fit the battle – Call it the Lord’s Feast and change it to be CHA saves that have ADVantage. Or call it the Acrobat’s Feast and change it to be DEX saves that have ADVantage. 

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